New Option! | 🌍 FREE International Shipping!? 🌏

Yep! We can’t guarantee that we can do this forever, but for now, at least, shipping is on us! 

  • International (Outside USA) orders over $100
  • Domestic (USA) orders over $50

...Ship for free!

Do you ship to _______?

Probably! There are only about 195 countries in the world total and we’ve already shipped gear to 125+, and counting!

What if my package gets lost, broken, or stolen?

We’ve also just begun offering premium shipping both domestic and international protection insurance from ROUTE for less than $1.00!

Shipping insurance

Can you send my package as a “Gift”, reduce the declared value, or bribe a government official to avoid my country’s customs fees?

We’re doing all we can to help out our worldwide tribe, but we can’t change your government’s laws nor will we jeopardize our company by committing international fraud 😁👎.

Unfortunately, if your nation forces you to pay import customs we cannot do anything about that other than suggest that you and your fellow citizens band together and change your laws to be more fair ✊!


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